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Fotenic - powered by good engineering

When Fotenic entered the lighting industry, we built the company from the ground up on four key pillars: engineering excellence, robust warranties, elegant design and premium service.

Today we are proud to boast endorsements from some of Australia’s leading corporations and chief scientific institutions, for our ground-breaking advancements in LED technology.

Our all in-house multidisciplinary expertise is the secret to ensuring unprecedented value for our clients when it comes to performance, product knowledgeability, project management, and after-sales support.

When you purchase an Fotenic product, you don’t just get the light, you get the works.


Fotenic has a rich history of providing complex engineering solutions to high-level scientific institutions such as the CSIRO & RBA for technologies such as polymer banknote security. Today, we have concentrated our focus on providing the highest level solutions in sustainability through LED. At Fotenic, we pride ourselves on providing intelligent and innovative solutions that continuously push the boundaries and challenge traditional approaches to lighting.


We are committed to sustainable sustainability and promoting CSR throughout our company and client base. Our global vision is predicated upon our genuine desire to improve environments and processes for future generations. Sustainability excellence is the heart and soul of Fotenic, as well as our unfettered commitment to being leaders in sustainability, not just in our products and engineering, but in our practices also. This strikes at the very core of how we measure our success.


When you purchase a Fotenic product, we guarantee the highest possible manufacturing standards. We are incredibly proud of our ISO9001 certified, state of the art manufacturing facility, where rigorous quality control and happy workers are the key to ensuring premium results in every product that we endorse. From conception to execution, we have engineered and built every lamp so that any product that bares the Fotenic name we know intimately, with confidence in its performance, quality and integrity.

HILO Series – HLQ100 Linear Hibay

The Fotenic Hilo range redefines the traditional approach to lighting large spaces and represents the very pinnacle of our engineering expertise.

Throughout the developmental process, our philosophy was to steer away from the standard perception of legacy high bay design, and to instead build a brand new system entirely from scratch, with a focus on performance, practicality and longevity.

The result is staggering, boasting an unprecedented 140 lm/watt diffused and the ability to replace a 400w metal halide with our 100w equivalent.

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We’re looking at things in a new light around here

At Fotenic, we believe in a sustainable future, through a sustainable approach to lighting

Orion Series – HBQ100 Round Hibay

Fotenic Orion series High Bays deviate from conventional LED high bay design and place our engineering focus on visual comfort. Importance was directed at reducing the harsh glare that is typically associated with LED lighting.

As reducing glare directly affects luminosity, the Fotenic engineering team worked tirelessly to maintain efficacy by lowering electronic and optical losses through selecting the best type of diffuser to reduce glare and enhance indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

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The Possibilites are Endless

Not only are we engineers, we are innovators, designers, manufacturing experts, and project managers; working together to bring superior lighting solutions to the commercial and industrial sector.

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